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¿How does it work?

By e-mail or telephone you tell us what do you want and we confirm you if the tickets required are avalible or not and we confirm your order; once the client agrees, it will be the client who will have to make a credit transfer in the next 5 days (the deadline will change according to the show date). Once the credit transfer is done, the client can come and pick the tickets from the day indicated until the day of the show. The final price of the ticket does not include the credit transfer expenses, which will by paid by the client.

Once the credit transfer is done, cancellations will not be allowed, niether devolutions. In case the show is put off or cancelled, the devolution of the amount of the ticket will be paid by the organizer of the show in the corresponding ticket officice, The service commission amount will not be returned.

It's also possible direct sell and order in our office. The orders will be seen in recieving order. In case the ticket you wish is not available will be reservated another similar to the one requested.

VAT (18%) is included in all prices. These conditions are not applicable to all the shows sold in tick tack ticket (ticketmaster). The shopping will only be possible in cash and in our office.


How to do the payment.
 garantiza la seguridad y confidencialidad de los datos conforme a art. 5 de la L.O. 15/99 de 13 de diciembre, cuyos datos serán incluidos en un fichero propiedad de y se utilizarán con la única finalidad de comunicarle nuevos servicios. Si Ud. se opone a que sus datos sean incluidos en nuestro fichero podrá indicarlo a través de un e-mail a

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